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Coronavirus and COVID-19 information site

Since March 2020, I have been maintaining a page with links to a variety of information on the Coronavirus and COVID-19. I update the page regularly to be current, focusing especially on data for Fairfax County, Virginia, where I live. I am adding this post so the information on the page can be readily accessible to anyone via this button:

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Black holes and all that

Picture from cited Nature article

I intend to start some posting to this site, and science news is a good place to start. For science entangles the ordinary everyday course of our lives with inconceivably exotic and almost unimaginable events of our vast yet comprehensible universe. The collision of two supermassive black holes recently detected by the LIGO/VIRGO collaboration of gravitational wave astronomy made news articles in both Nature and Science and, additionally, had two NewYork Times articles( 1 and 2) about it.

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