On seeing mountains and sky

To participate, 
to have a part in, 
to be, 
to see, 
to live. 
Can it be said what it is? 
Yet it is in me,
and you.

We are, 
because of what is, 
all from Thee, 
who cannot other than be. 
How can I not see  
what must be that I may see?
O, splendor of light that drives away night. 

I enlightened by Thee in all I see. 
That abides, 
hidden in me. 
precious life, 
can only reflect Life, 
that gives it to be. 
The glory of light, 
a gift to see.  
Come to me O seeing light.

The simplest of things abides,
a wonder, 
a miracle, 
to a pure imagination. 

Simple words suffice,
that we may see.

Paul S. Julienne
September 2022