Anglican Essentials

Class 1: An Introduction to the Anglican Way

Teacher: Paul Julienne (email:

Class material at this page:

This course provides a brief survey of Anglican history, belief, and worship.  The course is designed for newcomers to Truro Church, persons new to Anglican worship, and to anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge of what it means to be Anglican.

The course objectives are:

 1. To introduce the learner to our Anglican heritage.    
 2. To acquaint the learner with Anglican core beliefs.  
 3. To familiarize the learner with Anglican worship and liturgy   
 4. To encourage an ethos of Anglican spirituality among the learners.

Anglican Christianity derives from Christianity as it developed in England, continued after the English Reformation, and was carried to America and later around the world by missionaries. It has a distinctive identity with both Protestant and Catholic elements.

Classes are Monday evenings starting at 7:30 PM. A Zoom link will be provided to registrants. Winter 2022 classes start Monday, January 10, continuing January 17, 24, and 31.

Class 1. The Anglican place in the Christian story and around the world today.
Class 2. Anglican worship and belief: The Book of Common Prayer.
Class 3. Anglican spirituality. How do Anglicans practice the Christian faith?
Class 4. Anglican liturgy: a sample session of Prayer Book liturgy.

Link to the sequel classes called “Anglican Essentials: Going Deeper.