Anglican Essentials Class 1 (4 pages)

The worldwide Anglican Communion consists of tens of millions of Christians who are members of 45 different churches, comprising 40 provinces, and 5 extra-provincial churches.

Truro Anglican Church is a parish in the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic (DOMA) of the recently formed (2010) Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).   Bishop John Guernsey is our diocesan bishop, and Archbishop Foley Beach leads ACNA. While ACNA is not a formal member of the Anglican Communion, Truro, DOMA, and ACNA all participate in the life of the Communion through many fruitful relationships with various individuals and institutions within its various Provinces.

Provinces of the Worldwide Anglican Communion (2020)
Aotearoa, New Zealand and PolynesiaAustralia
Central AfricaCentral America
Church of EnglandHong Kong
Province of the Indian OceanIreland
JapanJerusalem & The Middle East
North India (United)Pakistan (United)
Papua New GuineaPhilippines
RwandaScottish Episcopal Church
South East AsiaSouth India (United)
South AfricaAnglican Church of South America
South SudanSudan
The Episcopal Church (USA)Wales
West AfricaWest Indies
Church of Ceylon (EP)Bermuda (EP)
The Lusitanian Church (EP)Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (EP)
Falkland Islands (EP) 

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