Philosophical notes–old draft

I will collect some of my essays with philosophical/theological notes on this page.

Paper by Thomist Robert C. Koons, “Hylomorphic Escalation: An Aristotelian Interpretation of Quantum Thermodynamics and Chemistry,” published in the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (Online December 5, 2017); a pdf is available also from Prof. Koons website.  In these notes for myself and Dr. D. C. Schindler of the John Paul II Institute in Washington, DC, I analyze and critique this paper and argue for a more expansive view incorporating the hylomorphic unity of elementary fields/particles within the scope of a Thomist/neoplatonic framework.

Link to a review from First Things of the book edited by R. C. Koons and others entitled “Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Contemporary Science,” which is an open-access downloadable book. Here is a review from Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.    My own perspective: Aristotle alone is insufficient, needing balancing from the Patristic tradition through Aquinas.  I have written on this, and have many unpublished notes on the topic.

Simon Oliver’s 2017 Stanton Lectures at the University of Cambridge are at this link. Simon is Van Mildert Professor of Divinity, Durham University, UK.  The 6 lectures are entitled:
     Creation and the Question of Teleology 
     Aristotelian Explanations: Forms, Final Causes, Powers and Dispositions
     Teleology and the Science of Explanation
     Consciousness, Intention and Final Causation
     The Teleology of Nature and Grace
     Christ the Alpha and Omega: A Teleology of Life

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