Anglican Essentials, Class 2 (4 pages)

Contents of the Book of Common Prayer (1979)

The Book of Common Prayer is thoroughly scriptural in its focus and incorporates Biblical texts throughout its specific forms. These are the contents of the 1979 version of the Episcopal /Church (or see the online version):

  • The Calendar of the Church Year (pp. 15-33)
    • Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost.
  • The Daily Office (pp. 36-155)
    • Morning Prayer, Rites I and II; Order for noonday and evening; Evening Prayer, Rites I and II, Compline; Daily devotions; Directions
  • The Great Litany (pp. 148-155)
  • The Collects for the Church Year (pp. 158-261)
  • Proper Liturgies for Special Days (pp. 264-295)
    • Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, etc.
  • Holy Baptism (pp. 298-314)
  • The Holy Eucharist (pp. 316-409)
    • Rites I and II; additional forms and directions
  • Pastoral Offices (pp. 412-507)
    • Confirmation; Marriage; Thanksgiving for a child; Reconciliation; Ministration to the sick; At times of death; Burial, Rites I and II.
  • Episcopal Services (pp. 510-579)
    • Ordination of bishops, priests, and deacons; new ministry; consecration of a church.
  • The Psalter (pp. 582-808)
  • Prayers and Thanksgivings (pp. 810-841)
  • An Outline of the Faith (pp. 844-862)
    • The catechism
    • Historical Documents of the Church (pp. 864-878)
    • The Creeds; Thirty Nine Articles; Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral
  • Tables for Finding Holy Days (pp. 880-885)
    • Easter and moveable feasts
  • The Lectionary (pp. 888-931)
    • Readings for Years A, B, C, Holy days, and various occasions
    • Daily Office Lectionary (pp. 934-1001)

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