Word and Fire: The amazing Story of Carbon

Paul S. Julienne

This pair of posts was first published on the BioLogos.org web site March 17, 2014, reproduced in the links below with the original form and graphics. The posts on the BioLogos web site with their current formatting and graphics are: Part 1: Fire; Part 2: Word. Check them out to become familiar with BioLogos.

If you have less interest in the science part on carbon formation, you can skip the first part “Fire” and go directly to the second, “Word,” the more “poetic” and “philosophical” of the two.

The first, “Fire,”  tells about the science of how carbon and other heavier chemical elements were generated in the early universe by a fine-tuned process in the dying stages of certain types of stars. 

The second, “Word,” is an imaginative exercise to reflect on science in the light of the Logos–the Word-made-flesh–and specifically on the science of the “word” (information) in the genome based on the special chemistry of carbon atoms.